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The History of Origin

Despite this company being fairly new, established in 2014, the creators behind Origins stellar sound have all the experience needed to make a product with such perfection. The inventors of Origin Acoustics were previously creators, leaders, and CEOs of Speakercraft. For those who have never heard of Speakercraft, it is one of the most highly recognized speaker companies in the industry. They are known for their high end, high performance sound.

group of speaker systems from origin
Why we choose Origin

Tailored AV uses architectural speakers from Origin Acoustics because of their impeccable sound and design. Each component, feature, and characteristic, was methodically placed in order to produce an innovative product that can’t be beat.

The break down
  • Easy install- Origin Acoustics in-ceiling speakers feature a Spring-Lock mechanism that requires no tools install beyond the cut of the speaker itself. This is great news for both the customer and installer alike. There is no drywall damage, which in the end saves time and is more cost effective. That’s a win-win for everyone!
  • The materials Origin uses to maximize sound and maintain longevity sets their speakers apart from all other competitors in the industry. The speakers’ woofer cones are made from molded graphite, fiberglass, and Kevlar. They’re specially designed to maintain shape without stretching in use. This gives the speaker a weightless feel and the inability to be bent or forced out of shape.
  • Origins ultimate goal for sound is high performance/ less distortion. They have accomplished this by engineering a speaker that gains more stability the higher the volume gets. This allows for a clear, crisp sound at even the highest sonic extreme.
  • In interior design today, customers desire clean, refined lines with architectural finesse. Origin took this desire and applied it to the speaker industry.
  • The Composer Series: This speaker compliments a room with its thin lined, sleek, rectangular shape. Rather than obstructing the look of your entertainment space, it adds a unique design that is both classic and beautiful.
  • The Director Collection: The only visible part of this speaker is the grille, and even it is barely seen. The perforations on the grille are incredibly fine and once installed, the customer has the option to paint the grille to give even more of a barely there look.
  • If you are looking for a product that has straight-off-the-shelf parts, then this is not the speaker for you. Origin strives to be the best in the industry and with that comes great responsibility. You will not find this product on Amazon or any other website alike. In order to have Origin Acoustic products in your home or commercial facility, you must contact a Origin dealer. This ensures that each customer gets exactly what they pay for. A high end/high-performance architectural design that is sure to impress any listener or design enthusiast in the room!
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True customer care

One of the most valuable assets this company offers, is their lifetime warranty on all speakers with hassle-free returns. Origin goes above and beyond to ensure that their buyers get exactly what they deserve, the best.

For more information, visit us at
To speak with a Origin dealer, call us today: 770-710-7858